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We believe there is love and peace in every one of us. We also believe endangered animals deserve the best of love and attention. This is why we put all our love and dedication to raising awareness and giving back through our hand illustrated, hand hemmed silk scarves.



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18 hours 34 minutes ago

Happy days! 😃

Great news! Three endangered Persian leopards have been born in a Russian breeding centre. If they pass their training, these little triplets will one day be released into the wild.

Persian leopards went extinct in Russia’s Western Caucasus region 100 years ago, but will soon be reintroduced. We are working to ensure that their habitat is secure and won’t come under threat from expanding ski resorts. Learn more → http://wwf.is/kuAm301z4Gu


1 day 8 hours ago

What a cute, cuddly big ol' bear! Such an inspiration. Clearly showing the importance of not allowing tragedy or failure to affect your life.

Pedals the bear walks on his hind legs after injuring his paw

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